Activities within the hotel

At Cabogata Beach we offer extensive aquatic facilities for the enjoyment of our guests.

The season of the aquatic facilities runs from mid-April to October, depending on the weather conditions.

Opening hours: 7:00am a 00:00am

Swimming pools

The Cabogata Beach has two spectacular large swimming pools with crystal clear water. One of them with ramp access for people with limited mobility or for children. While the protagonism of the outdoor space is monopolized by a great pool with Olympic length for the most sporty and daring guests to enjoy playing sports in an infinity pool…

Paddle Surf

Stand up Paddle & Kayak

At Cabogata Beach we love water sports and we want our guests to enjoy the peace and quiet of the sea, therefore we have all the necessary equipment for practising stand up paddle & kayak, a free service for our guests that can be requested at the hotel reception with a deposit when booking.

Paddle Surf

Paddle Tennis

And for paddle lovers…but on land, we have a magnificent court to enjoy paddle tennis, the fashionable sport. We make it easy for you, book the court at the hotel reception and ask for the paddle racket and balls if you have forgotten to bring them, we want you to enjoy everything we have to offer.